Memorable charts: How to present your business insights


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What will you learn?

At Grunt we’ve spent the last years building charting tools for PowerPoint. Fair to say, we've seen a lot of charts: some great, a lot of pretty bad ones. We'll share what we've learned about business charting in this 30-minute webinar.



Why business charting isn't rocket science
Business charting is a game of its own.
We'll share some smart, tangible advice on how to select the right visualization for your insights. 



Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
There are some mistakes that keep being repeated in chart creation. We'll take you through some of the mistakes we see happening over and over again.



How to create memorable charts that tell your story
Presentations are all about getting a message across. We'll tell you how to create beautiful visualizations that help emphasize your storyline. 

This webinar is suitable for professionals in consulting, investor relations, finance, business controlling, and others with an interest in the topic.

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Your hosts

After years of working as consultants and creating slides and presentations for a wide range of clients, Mads Gedde and Einar Bjering are ready to share all the dos and don’ts of charting in PowerPoint.


Mads Gedde

Founder & CEO



Mads is the founder of Grunt, and former BCG consultant. He has extensive experience from PowerPoint-reporting within a broad range of industries.

Einar image-1

Einar Bjering

COO & VP Product



Einar is Chief Operating Officer at Grunt and was formerly a manager at Capgemini. Creating precise and beautiful business presentations is one of his specialties.